Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Design Principles Project

Gestalt Similarity
The four convertibles appear to be related do to their close proximity and similar shape.  However, the pickup truck appears to be unrelated do to its different shape.  (source: internet)

Asymmetrical Balance
The heavy contrast on the right side of the image makes it feel imbalanced compared to the lighter left side.  The increased amount of "information" (shapes, lines, etc.) on the right side contribute to this feeling. (source: me)

Lighting Chiaroscuro
While the image of the bird cage above would also qualify for this type of lighting, this black and white image of a phone booth displays a stronger film noir vibe with its heavy contrast. (source: me)

One-Point Perspective
In this image you can imagine the lines from the lights and ceiling continuing on until they reach a vanishing point near the center.  (source: me)

Figure-Ground Relationship
What do you see in this example?  Do you see a tree growing on a rocky slope, or a woman's face?  Which is it?    (source: internet, Josh Rother)

Warm Colors
This edited image displays warm colors through their harshness.  The reds and yellows produce a feeling of heat, even though blue and green are objectively hotter. (source: me)

Condensed Code
This image appears similar to the World War poster featuring Uncle Sam calling for young men to enlist in the Army.  However, its actually an alien that wants you, so this image is combining signs from our culture. (source: internet)

Iconic Sign
This is the Eiffel Tower... or is it?  It's just an image of the Eiffel tower.  It closely resembles the actual tower, without being the Eiffel Tower. (source: internet)

Cool Colors
The cooler colors blue and green produce a calming effect.  This serene lake picture is an example of that idea. (source: internet)

Apparent Movement
The soda pop cans falling in this picture aren't really falling at all.  The blur gives you the impression that they are falling. (source: me)

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